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News BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘The sensory landscape of the city’

News BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘The sensory landscape of the city’

Listen to more discussion on ‘The sensory landscape of the city’ featuring Dr Monica Degen, Dr Alex-Rhys Taylor and Dr Dan Silver on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Thinking Allowed’.

Report from AHRC Sensory Cities Barcelona Workshop


AHRC Sensory Cities Network BARCELONA WORKSHOP REPORT 16th and 17th June 2016 Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona By Monica Degen, Astrid Swenson & Manuela Barz In this report we summarize the core findings from the 3rd international AHRC Sensory Cities Workshop in the city of Barcelona. The aim of the series of workshops is […]

Curating the Senses @ Curating Overflow


How did the senses shape conservation in modern Europe? Or should we ask how did modern conservation shape our sensory perceptions? Just before our first AHRC workshop in London, I contributing a paper on these questions to a two-day conference on Curating Overflow, organised by the Heritage Academy and the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies […]

A sense of hope


Back in Brexit Britain, our Barcelona workshop seems like a lifetime ago, but going through my notes to write our report, brings back a bit of the sense of hope expressed by participants in the final discussion. Part of it might have been due to the sensory high incited by city – it was impossible […]

Impressions from ‘Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design’ at the CCCB


Workshop in Barcelona – first reflections


We want to thank everybody that participated in the third and last AHRC Sensory Cities workshop in Barcelona. The event brought together over 30 academics, urban professionals and museum curators across Europe to discuss the links between power and sensory experiences in the urban planning of cities, in the ways urban identity is represented in […]

Forthcoming AHRC Sensory Cities workshop in Barcelona 16-17th of June

El Raval, Barcelona

We’re excited to announce our forthcoming AHRC Sensory Cities Workshop to be held at the Centro of Cultura Contemopranea de Barcelona on the 16-17th of June 2016. The broad theme of the workshop will be ‘Power and the Senses’ and our focus of attention the neighbourhood of el Raval, see below the provisional programme. Attendance […]

Press snippets from Cologne


Verrückte Forschung Kölle, wie ist dein Gefühl? Sinne erforschen die Stadt

Impressions from Cologne 1

Dr Mario Kramp (Director, Kölnisches Stadtmuseum)

Welcome Day 1 Presentation Day 2 Fieldwork – Groups presenting their findings

Impressions from Cologne 2


Museum visit: Koelner Stadtmuseum Visit of NachtRaumStille Installation, St. Gereon NS-Dokumentationszentrum

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