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Report from AHRC Sensory Cities Barcelona Workshop


AHRC Sensory Cities Network BARCELONA WORKSHOP REPORT 16th and 17th June 2016 Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona By Monica Degen, Astrid Swenson & Manuela Barz In this report we summarize the core findings from the 3rd international AHRC Sensory Cities Workshop in the city of Barcelona. The aim of the series of workshops is […]

Giovanna Pezzullo and Stephane Laident (Teatro de los Sentidos) The Theatre of the Senses


Performance with participants Methods and aims

Ilaria Sartori (Director at Barcelona Sonora) Barcelona through Sound


Merce Amor (Dialegs de Dona – migrant woman cooperative) Social Integration in el Raval


Anna Terra (Director of Foment Ciutat, SA) and Carmen Gual – Planning el Raval and the Senses


Albert Sales/Carlos Delclós (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) A Sense of Exclusion: Poverty, otherness and the senses


Mateu Hernandez (CEO of Barcelona Global – Branding): Barcelona’s reputation and the senses


Lars Frers (University College of Southeast Norway) Confronting absence: Relation and difference in sensual engagements with the lived city


Marta Tafalla (Barcelona University) Rethinking the Senses: from the Landscape to the Multisensory Environment


Monica Degen (Brunel University) Why El Raval?


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